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Product name: Vertical Bright Beer Tank

BBT, Bright Beer Tanks, cylindrical pressure tanks, serving tanks, beer final conditioning tanks, beer storage tanks – these are the most common terms, including the same class of special pressure vessels designed to preparation of carbonated beer before its bottling, filling into kegs or other containers. Purified carbonated beer is pushed from lager beer tanks or cylindrically-conical tanks into pressure storage beer tank under pressure up to 3.0 bar.

This tank type also serves as a target tank when beer filtering or beer pasteurisation.


Vertical Bright Beer Tank Standard Design

1.Total volume:1+20%, Effective volume:as requirement, cylinder tank;

2.Inside surface: SUS304, TH3mminternal pickling passivation.

Outside surface: SUS304TH2mm

Thermal insulation material: Polyurethane (PU) foam, Insulation thickness: 80MM.

3.Polishing coefficient: 0.4µm without dead corner.

4.Manhole: side manhole on cylinder.

5.Design pressure 4Bar, Working pressure: 1.5-3Bar;

6.Bottom design: 60degree cone for easy to exist yeast.  

7.Cooling method: Dimple cooling jacketCone and cylinder 2 zone cooling.

8.Cleaning system: Fixed-round rotary cleaning ball.

9.Control system: PT100, temperature control;

10. Carbonation stone device on the cylinder or bottom.

With: CIP arm with spray ball, pressure gauge, Mechanical pressure regulating valve, sanitary sampling valve, breath valve,drain valve,etc.

10.Stainless steel legs with bigger and thicker base plate, with screw assembly to adjust leg height;

11.Complete with associated valves and fittings.

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